The Woven Cuff Bracelet

A woven story of classic monochromatic threads and gold accents that wrap the wrist in a soft grip. This bracelet represents a lot of the things I believe in – the strong feminine presence, bold and beautiful, making a confident statement of the strength within; proud to be a woman.

The soft familiar feel on my skin makes me forget I’m even wearing it. The neutral colors blend well with my usual monochromatic attire. I enjoy the clean lines and tones, a non-intruding appearance that chooses to unfold its richness in texture when zooming in.

The black and gold combination recalls an Egyptian aesthetic, while still voicing echoes of other ancient civilizations where jewelry was a symbol of status or a way to remember one’s story. The dark central tones dissipate through a neutral border that creates a soft transition onto the skin.

Here it is – the woven cuff bracelet. Happy to bring it into our modern times.

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On Weaving

There’s something about weaving that I’ve always found intriguing. It might be related to my fascination for how things connect, easily visible in an open weaving. I like to observe and decipher the links between random situations and their manifestation in the material world: how do things connect at the physical level? I love details of all kinds but mainly because of the joy it brings me to figure out how things are put together, and how wonderful the result of combining random materials can be.

Coming back to weaving, last Christmas I received a wonderful gift – a rigid heddle loom to remind me of a trip to Guatemala. The amazing trip happened a few months before, and while exploring the fascinating Mayan civilization, I discovered their stunning textiles, results of exquisite ancient weaving techniques. I was very close to taking a weaving class there, but time limitations only left me with a craving to pick up this new activity when back in the States. That trip also brought back memories of my childhood days spent in the Romanian countryside, when on lazy summer days, my sister and I would wake up in the morning with the sound and humbling view of my grandmother weaving on her immense loom. The simplicity of that activity, or for that matter the entire countryside living, did not appeal to me until years later, when I started appreciating that little self sufficient universe where people grow what they eat, weave what they wear and dance to their own music.



And so I started weaving with a familiarity that took me by surprise, and in time it became clearer why I love it so much. Weaving is a metaphor of life and a symbol of creation. It has the power to remind us that thread-by-thread we can create a reality of our own. It is a reassurance that every step is important and through the lesson of persistence and balance, we can weave our dreams into reality.

Here is my first piece and a few shots from the process.


The Story of an Earring

Green Swirl Earrings

Forests are a magical thing.

It might be their undoubtedly truthful nature, a scares thing to find, that makes them feel so surreal.

I embrace the inner silence found upon entering a forest, and I can’t help but feel a reverence towards the natural cathedral. Unlike the restless ocean that reflects back an unfiltered and raw amalgam of thoughts, the forest makes my mind stop, and listen to the pulse of life.

It wasn’t until I reached Puerto Rico’s rainforest, that I felt this deep connection.

Puerto Rico Rainforest

It somehow felt that the essence of life was there, an invisible force that flows through the complex elements of the majestic forest. Primitive in appearance but complex in essence, teaching us silently, by example, the greatest lesson- that of being, of simply being.

It is this essence behind the physical reality that I’m trying to tap into. The life force that makes things happen, generating constant movement of matter and energy.

My challenge as a designer is to connect that essence found in nature, with people. My intention is to create a bridge between this two worlds, and hopefully bring out the essence or the true nature in people. I accept the challenge :-)